#RIP Lamont Ulmer

Lamont wasn’t famous, he was my best friend and he was taken from this world 18-year ago.

It was a friendship that started in elementary school, and even though at times we were in separate classes we always had a bond. In the mornings in the schoolyard we talked about wrestling and Japanese Anime, especially ‘Robotech’.

It was a daily routine in the mornings to talk about the latest episode of Robotech. As a matter of fact those conversations about Robotech might be were the habit/love to debate ANYTHING started for me, hmmmm…

It was in high school where our bond strengthened. During those years we either chilled at Lamont’s house or went to the mall. As those high school years zoomed by Lamont had to focus more on making a living and supporting himself; it wasn’t fair that he had to take on so much as a teen, but he never complained to me. But he made sure I stayed focus and that I was getting ready for the next step; college.

The transition was difficult; I didn’t have my best friend by my side. I had few friends and I mainly kept to myself, believe it or not I didn’t hit up a single party that freshman year. I had my girlfriend and while she hit up parties I called back home to talk to my homie.

I couldn’t wait for breaks to come back home and I would spend the weekends getting caught up with what was new with Lamont. Whenever I came home we made sure we chilled, it was a regular routine.

After some time I adjusted to college and started to come into my own, I wasn’t full blown Bobby Broadway just yet, hahaha.

Every chance I got I would tell Lamont stories about college, and he even made a trip up during my junior year. Lamont’s cousin Rob aka George (Who I knew from elementary as well) drove up and well Rob and I were straight fools. Lamont didn’t drink as he saw the damage of alcohol abuse 1st hand in his own family, but he still had fun. Looking back I think that trip let him know that I was good and adjusting well.

Fast forward a couple of years and I was home for Thanksgiving. For whatever reason Lamont and I couldn’t get together to hangout; he had his girlfriend and work and I just remember not having any energy to do anything. I even went back to school a day late, but I never saw Lamont that holiday weekend. We talked and we were good.

12/1 i took a bus back up to Syracuse and I don’t think I slept the entire ride up. I just knew I wanted to get back to my dorm room. and As soon as I walked in the door the phone rang (no cell phone). It was Lamont’s sister and she said I have some bad news, and I immediately responded sarcastically “what happened to Lamont?”

And that’s when she told me he was gone….

I was numb, and in shock. I walked to my friend’s house on South Campus from North Campus. For those of you who know Syracuse then you know a December night in Syracuse was freezing but I couldn’t feel anything.

He was my sounding board and he knew me well enough to know when he had to tell me I was going down a wrong path; and he knew when to let me make my own mistakes. He was someone wise beyond his years, as he had to grow up fast, dealing with real-life way before a kid or a teenager should have to.

I miss him….



It Has Been 15-Years…..

Woke up this morning once again feeling that empty space in my heart.

Actually I feel that empty space daily, but it’s a lil extra on November 27th. And even though it has been 15-years, that pain / empty feeling has never faded.

You see it was on this day that I saw my dad alive for the last time. I woke up like I did every other morning that day getting ready for work and like previous mornings my regular routine was walking past my dad to get to the bathroom. We were never morning people so a grumble of ‘good morning’ was always sufficient, and I continued getting ready and headed out to work; and that was the last time I saw or spoke to him.

Over the years I have always thought about that moment, but never with regret. Some may wish they had a moment like that back so they could say “I love you” one last time, and I can’t lie I have thought about that as well. But at the same time, I know my dad already knew how we all felt about him.

He always said how proud he was of me and my sister and what we have become; and that’s really all I need, there was nothing left unsaid.

So while this day may bring a lil sadness, it’s ok. Everyday I see or experience things that remind me of him and what I strive to be as a man.




#RIP Michael L Kanhai


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Kevin Durant Checks Stephen A Smith

Stephen A Smith loves to let everyone know who his friends are, you know DWade, Gabrielle Union, Floyd Mayweather, Carmelo Anthony, etc….

I recall Smith talking about how he knows DWade and his mother and how close he is with the fam. It got to the point where he had to mention on ‘First Take‘ how Gabrielle Union sent him a text to set the record straight.

Well, he may have taken it too far this time….

Recently Smith talked about how he had heard from sources that if Kevin Durant was to leave the Oklahoma Thunder that he would not head home to DC and the Washington Wizards. Instead Durant would head west to the Lakers.

Wow… Kobe and KD in L.A.???

Well, if that was the case it seems like someone forgot to tell KD

“I don’t talk to Stephen A. Smith at all,” Durant told reporters. “Nobody in my family, my friends — they don’t talk to Stephen A Smith. So he’s lying.”

“If you ask me a question, I’ll talk about them,” Durant said. “But like I said before, I have people who I talk to about everything, and I know for a fact they didn’t talk to him, so he’s making up stories.”


In an attempt to save face, Smith responded by saying that he never said he spoke to Durant or his family and friends. And that he has plenty of other sources in the NBA that he gets his info from.

That’s all good, but Smith is missing KD’s point.

Durant is saying that if you haven’t spoken to him or his inner circle about his future than any other source you have is wrong. That’s it plain and simple, end of story.

Stephen A Smith, better watch himself as it seems that KD doesn’t have much patience for all the free-agency talk.


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Stephen A. Smith’s flawed vote for Republican Theory

Stephen A Smith double-downs on his All Black Americans should vote Republican once. Needles to say I am not impressed with his logic!!!

 Full Disclosure, I am not a fan of Stephen A Smith so I don’t have many good things to say about this kat. This goes back to him appearing on Larry King’s show around 2009. And I have gotten into a couple of Twitter wars with Smith. At this point I believe he has blocked me, but all well. I hope this gets back to him some way, haha!!!

Stephen A Smith once again caused a stir this week when during a speech he suggested that all Black Americans should at least vote once for Republicans. Smith’s rationale was that the Democratic party has taken the Black vote for granted and that this would force both parties to realize they have to do a better job courting the Black vote.

So my initial reaction to Smith was……


I will say that Stephen A Smith has a valid point about the Democratic party taking the Black vote for granted, but he completely loses me with his suggestion of just voting for Republicans. While a situation where all Black Americans voted for Republicans would be a shock to the system of the Democratic party; why would that motivate the Republican party to court the Black vote?

At that point they (Republicans) get what they want in votes without having to do anything!

But hey, maybe there was something I was missing with Smith’s logic.

Ummmm, nah!!!!

On Michael Smerconish show on CNN, Smith went on to double-down on his logic without a good handle of the facts. Smith clearly states that he puts most of the blame on the Black Community, and barely mentions that the GOP has some work to do on their side.

As I stated earlier there is some validity to Smith saying the Dems take the Black vote for granted. We (Black people) should not blindly give our vote to any party, but at the same time BOTH parties, not only the Dems should give Black people and all voters a reason to vote for them.

If Stephen A Smith wants to convince me that I should not look at the GOP as the enemy then he has to explain to me why the GOP looks as me as the enemy.

When it comes to issues like Voting Rights, Tax cuts, Immigration, Income Inequality, and decreasing the number of uninsured Americans (want to repeal Obamacare with no replacement).

Smith talks about Democrats painting Republicans as bad guys but never speaks on what exactly Dems are wrong about. If Smith wants me and others to take him seriously he has to have a better grasp of the facts and stop demonizing (yes I said demonizing) Black Americans as being the uninformed.

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Doc Gooden Documentary Tonight on SNY

It’s hard to believe that it has been 30-years since Dwight “Doc” Gooden made his MLB debut for the New York Mets. Tonight SNY will debut its documentary about Doc Gooden’s rise and fall as a young 19-year old in the Big Apple.

Before Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom, Doc Gooden was ‘Must Watch TV’!!!

‘The Good Doctor’ airs tonight on SNY at 9:30pm (Eastern)

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Game of Zones Episode 2

I love spoofs of Game of Thrones, which reminds me that the season 4 finale is happening this Sunday…

HAHA, I am Melo fan but I could not help laughing at Phil Jackson pushing Melo through the moon door.

Game of Zones
Game of Zones

And damn, why D-Wade got to be Cersei Lannister???



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Sources: Bleacher Report

Tim Geithner and Jon Stewart Square Off….

Over the past couple of weeks former Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner has been doing the round on the talk-show circuit promoting his new book, ‘Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises’.

With this book Geithner attempts to set the record straight on why the bailout was necessary and without it, the financial crises would have been much worse.

The bailout of the financial industry is one of those topics that rub both Conservatives and Liberals the wrong way and has earned Geithner critics on both sides of the aisle.  Geithner to his credit does not run from his critics and strongly believes that he and the Obama Administration did everything within their power to stave off financial disaster.

In one of the better interviews Geithner participated in was on ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ (5/20).  In a 42-minute interview that had some light moments, Geithner and Stewart went back and forth on conveying their point of views.

For Geithner, this discussion will always be difficult as populous opinion just sees the bailout as “Big Banks” being saved while “Joe Public” was left to fail and foreclosed on.  In a funny but honest moment Geithner admits to understanding why people are mad, but at the same time saying it was still necessary…

“Because we did this set of frankly pretty offensive, seemingly unfair set of things, we have an economy that is, again terrible, hard, a lot of challenges, but much, much better, than what it would have been.”

Stewart in great fashion stayed on message, his belief is that we would have been better off if the government bailed out the people and focused on saving people from foreclosure on their homes.   That would have led to the people having more money to spend and keep the economy going.

“Economies are perception.  So your reality of, but we avoided a depression, doesn’t fit the reality of people’s perception that they haven’t avoided their own personal depression…”

The best part of this conversation is that both men were open to listening to each other’s viewpoint.

If haven’t peeped the full length interview checkout the link below.



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