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    Browns Demote Johnny Manziel to 3rd String

    Losing and dysfunction are the most consistent things you will see from the Cleveland Browns. It was only a week ago when the Browns named Johnny Manziel starter for the rest of the season. And now Manziel has been demoted to 3rd string after chilling during the Browns’ bye week. Chilling for some would be … Continue reading


    What Exactly Is the U.S. Vetting Process for Syrian Refugees?

    Ever since the Paris Attack everyone and their mother have stated their thoughts on the Syrian refugees and the possibility of refugees in their background. From Donald Trump‘s ridiculous Muslim Tracking database, Jeb Bush‘s idea of only letting in Syrian Christians, to the billion of Facebook posts comparing locking the doors to your house to … Continue reading

    Carmelo Anthony Visits Rikers Island….

    Carmelo Anthony worked hard during the offseason to get himself back on the court for the New York Knicks and he has worked just as hard off the court to promote his brand. Part of Melo’s brand is his work with VICE SPORTS and his video series #StayMelo. In the latest installment of #StayMelo Anthony visits Rikers … Continue reading


    Panthers’ Fan Responds to Mom Upset with Cam Newton’s Dance

    As discussed in an earlier post a Tennessee Mom was upset with Cam Newton celebration after a TD. The mom, Rosemary Plorin was so upset she had to write a letter of disappointment calling Cam’s character into question. In response to Mrs Plorin, a Panther’s fan penned his own letter Dear Mrs. Plorin, I’m sorry your daughter … Continue reading

    CHARLOTTE, NC - SEPTEMBER 22:  Cam Newton #1 of the Carolina Panthers celebrates after scoring a touchdown against the New York Giants during their game at Bank of America Stadium on September 22, 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

    Tennessee Mom Upset with Cam Newton Celebration

    The talk of sports world outside of the New England Patriots remaining undefeated, was Cam Newton dabbing on the Tennessee Titans Cam’s celebration upset not only the Titans but also a mom who was in attendance with her 9-year old daughter, and she expressed her thoughts in an ‘Open Letter’ to Cam and sent it … Continue reading


    The WHO Panics Meat Eaters

    The World Health Organization aka WHO announced the results of a study that links eating processed/unprocessed meat to increasing the risk of cancer. Well to be exact the findings concerning unprocessed meat was not as definitive. Well THANK YOU WHO, you fuckers just filled my Facebook and Instagram timelines with a bunch of vegans and … Continue reading

    WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 22:  U.S. President Barack Obama participates in a conversation on criminal justice reform while flanked by Bill Keller (L) of The Marshall Project, and Charlie Beck (R) of the Los Angleles Police, at the White House October 22, 2015 in Washington, DC. Later this month theÊSenate Judiciary Committee plans to vote on the Smarter Sentencing Act, which hopes to reform mandatory-minimum sentencing and the federal prison system.  (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

    President Obama Explains That #BlackLivesMatter Doesn’t Mean All Other Lives Don’t

    Honestly it’s beyond frustrating that people either cannot understand or refuse to see what the #BlacksLivesMatter movement is about. The most common response are those who will say, “Why say Black Lives Matter and not just say All Lives Matter…” Well, today President Obama weighed in with his thoughts while attending a forum hosted by … Continue reading


    Kevin Durant Checks Stephen A Smith

    Stephen A Smith loves to let everyone know who his friends are, you know DWade, Gabrielle Union, Floyd Mayweather, Carmelo Anthony, etc…. I recall Smith talking about how he knows DWade and his mother and how close he is with the fam. It got to the point where he had to mention on ‘First Take‘ … Continue reading


    Donald Trump and His BS Tax Plan

    Donald Trump finally rolled out his Tax Plan and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that much like everything Trump, it’s full of shit! To be honest, this guy Trump ALMOST got me with his BS. When Trump dropped his tax plan on Monday, he sold it as a populist plan that’s tough and is fair for … Continue reading


    Speaker John Boehner to Retire

    Wow, according to the Speaker‘s office, John Boehner will step down as Speaker and he will leave congress by the end of October. I am shocked by this announcement…. Even though Boehner has had issues controlling his majority in the House, I just never thought he would walk away. Could it be that meeting the … Continue reading


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