#THIS: Harvey Returns to New York

When Rob Manfred took over as the 10th commissioner of Major League Baseball he openly acknowledged that baseball needed to do a better job in leveraging social media to market the game. I think social media is a space that we need to continue to work on. You know, our principle efforts with respect to … Continue reading


Matt Harvey: The Dark Knight Rises

New York Mets’ pitcher Matt Harvey has not pitched in a major league game since he partially tore of the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow in August of 2013. That year he dazzled Mets fans with his blazing fastball, reminding them of past aces Dwight Gooden, Nolan Ryan, and Tom Seaver. Needless to say … Continue reading


I Hope Trevor Noah Doesn’t Apologize!

Trevor Noah needs to stay strong and not give-in to the PC crowd complaining about his Tweets. The PC Police have been busy the past couple of days, first Jamie Foxx and now Trevor Noah. Foxx and his Bruce Jenner jokes at the iHeartRadio Music Awards landed him in some hot water, and now they … Continue reading


The PC Police Comes for Jamie Foxx…

Once again the Politically Correct (PC) Police has reared its ugly head as they look to make society as boring as possible! While hosting the iHeartRadio Music Awards Sunday, Jamie Foxx took some shots at Bruce Jenner and his transgender transformation. “We have some groundbreaking performances here too tonight,” “Bruce Jenner will be here doing some … Continue reading


Stephen A. Smith’s flawed vote for Republican Theory

Stephen A Smith double-downs on his All Black Americans should vote Republican once. Needles to say I am not impressed with his logic!!!


Did Darren Wilson Deserve to Lose His Job?

After reading the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart’s piece ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ was built on a lie and the DOJ‘s report on the shooting of Michael ‘Mike’ Brown, I found myself asking the question; Did Darren Wilson deserve to lose his job? Yes, I know Wilson technically resigned from the Ferguson Police Dept, but I … Continue reading

Strip Club in Niagara Falls Ontario Cananda

Strip Clubs, the Last Bastion of Personal Contact….

Strip Clubs are the last bastion of personal contact we have left in our society. Now hear me out on this before calling me a perv! In today’s society we have all this technology that has opened up access while at the same time creating an anti-social environment. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Texting (and all … Continue reading


Republicans’ Open Letter to Iran, Not Cool but…..

Republicans’ Open Letter to Iran informing them that they can change any deal President Obama makes concerning the nuclear negotiations, was not cool but it’s not an act of treason!   Then Vice-President Joe Biden chimed in with the following In thirty-six years in the United States Senate, I cannot recall another instance in which … Continue reading


NY Mets’ Daniel Murphy Criticized for Comments about Gays

On Tuesday MLB Ambassador of Inclusion Billy Bean (openly gay) visited the NY Mets Spring Training camp. In raising awareness Bean is providing “guidance and training related to efforts to support those in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community”. During Bean’s visit 2nd baseman Daniel Murphy took the opportunity to comment on homosexuality. At this … Continue reading


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