President Obama Should Approve Keystone Pipeline XL

Before the United States State Department released their latest report on KeyStone Pipeline XL impact, I was on the side of not approving this project.  Like environmentalist I feared the increase of greenhouse gases from the process of extracting oil from tar sands.  I also worried about accidents concerning leaks with the pipeline running through … Continue reading


No Obamacare Does Not Kill 2 Million Jobs!

When the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released their report giving an updated estimate on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) earlier this week; the report revised its initial figures and stated that due to Obamacare the work hours would be reduced to the equivalent of 2 million jobs in 2024. No, it did not say 2 … Continue reading

Barack Obama

President Obama Will Move Forward With Executive Orders

In his State of the Union Address President Obama stated he will use the powers of the Executive Branch to move forward if congress fails to act.  The 1st Executive Order he will sign will raise the minimum wage for federal contractors. Of course, as soon as Republicans heard this they quickly ramped up Talking … Continue reading

The Mitt Romney Documentary

“Mitt”, the documentary released on Netflix was supposed to be a look at Mitt Romney behind the scenes of the 2008 and 2012 campaigns. While you get an interesting look into Mitt leading the into debates against President Obama, there is not a whole lot the documentary offers you into who Mitt Romney really is. … Continue reading

What To Expect From the State Of The Union

When President Obama gives the State of the Union on Tuesday, he will have the challenge of trying to get his 2nd term back on the right track. With the roll out of Obamacare being a disaster and the whole, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” debacle; the president’s approval … Continue reading

Strange Dream

I have this habit when I go to sleep if immediately dreaming, and these dreams are a lil crazy. And these dreams feel like they last forever when I am only asleep for about 10 or 15 minutes and then I wake physically exhausted. Just now I had one of those weird dreams… In the … Continue reading


Chris Christie Wins BIG in New Jersey

The people of Jersey spoke and they spoke in a BIG way as Chris Christie was re-elected as Governor of New Jersey. Christie a Republican won a whopping 60% of the vote in New Jersey a Blue state, and he was able to do this even though the people in New Jersey disagree with their … Continue reading


NY Yankees Top List as Most Valuable Franchise in Baseball

Who said baseball was a dying sport? Bloomberg released its list of most valuable teams in Major League Baseball, and on top of that list are the NY Yankees who are valued at $3.3 Billion! According to Bloomberg News the value of MLB teams went up approximately 35% from previous estimates; these numbers are compiled … Continue reading

Miley Cyrus as Michele Bachmann on SNL

Miley Cyrus with the Roots and Jimmy Fallon performing ‘We Can’t Stop’

Say what you want about Miley Cyrus and her twerking ass, but she has consistently kept her name in the spotlight. And as the saying goes, “There is no such thing as bad press.” Miley has gone from shocking everyone with her performance at MTV’s VMAs, consistently having pics of her sticking her tongue out … Continue reading


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