Can’t Wait for the Polls to Close…..

I can’t wait for all the polls to close and for this election cycle to be over, and it’s not because I am excited for either party to win. I can’t wait for all the damn emails asking for donations/support to STOP!!!!!! For the past couple of months my inbox has been inundated with email … Continue reading


President Obama Enjoys Light Moment During Early Voting in Chicago

President Obama has had a rough 2014, if it’s not Republicans, Syria, Putin, Russia, ISIS (ISIL), the Secret Service and Ebola; the president has not had many funny moments. In a rare moment Pres Obama was able to enjoy a lil humor while early voting in Chicago. With the mid-terms looming and Republicans poised to … Continue reading

Apollo Hester

Austin HS Football Player Apollo Hester Gives an Awesome Interview!!!

Apollo Hester just set the bar very high on what makes a good interview. In this Social Media world we see ridiculous images of people everyday, and as a Black man I am tired of seeing videos go viral showing people of color looking foolish. From the “Obama Phone Lady“ to Sweet Brown’s “Ain’t Nobody … Continue reading

Mets logo

@Mets Logo Change?

ICYMI and you probably did unless you are a die-hard New York Mets fan, Mets twitter fandom kind of blew up last night with when some fans noticed a slight change to the traditional logo on the Mets Facebook and Twitter account. This subtle change was well documented by @MetsPolice; Mets Logo Change The Mets … Continue reading


Floyd Mayweather Jr and his Unnecessary Comments on Ray Rice

Floyd Mayweather Jr believes the NFL should have stayed with the 2-game suspension on Ray Rice. Not a complete shocker coming from someone who was sentenced to 90-days in jail for his own domestic abuse charges. I’ll admit that I am a fan of Mayweather the boxer and business man, but that’s where it ends. … Continue reading


ICYMI: Mo’ne Davis Gives Autograph to Yasiel Puig

I know I am 2 days late on this, but the pic of Mo’ne Davis signing an autograph for Yasiel Puig of the Los Angeles Dodgers is one of the great moments of 2014.   Puig is showing Davis the ultimate respect in asking for autograph! By the way, Davis threw out the 1st pitch … Continue reading


When She Wants To Borrow Your Uber Login….

Is there ever a proper time in a relationship when it’s ok to give your girl your Uber login? I mean Uber is kind of personal (at least to me), I have multiple credit cards in my profile. Plus I value my rating in Uber; I can’t have someone destroying my rating with some foolishness. I guess … Continue reading


Doc Gooden Documentary Tonight on SNY

It’s hard to believe that it has been 30-years since Dwight “Doc” Gooden made his MLB debut for the New York Mets. Tonight SNY will debut its documentary about Doc Gooden’s rise and fall as a young 19-year old in the Big Apple. Before Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom, Doc Gooden was ‘Must Watch TV’!!! … Continue reading


Alonzo Mourning Inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame

Alonzo Mourning’s induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame is well deserved and kind of brings it full circle for me as a fan of his style of play. As a Knicks’ fan I started to follow Patrick Ewing and his career which led me back to Georgetown and that’s when I started watching … Continue reading


Bronco’s Emmanuel Sanders Calls Peyton Manning a Better Leader than Big Ben

It’s always interesting when players sign with new teams and they comment on their old team/teammates. Emmanuel Sanders let it be know how much he likes being in Denver and playing with Peyton Manning. “I feel like Peyton is a far better leader, in terms of staying after practice, catching balls, wanting guys to get … Continue reading


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